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          Hold The Fort

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     Following the Revolutionary War, our new government passed the Northwest Ordinance in 1787.  This ordinance opened the land north and west of the great Ohio River to white settlers.  The new law angered the Native Americans and they were determined to defend their land.

     Hold the Fort focuses on the Indian Wars that took place from 1790-1795.  This picturesque children’s book introduces the reader to great leaders such as Miami Chief Little Turtle, Shawnee Chief Blue Jacket and American General Anthony Wayne.

     The book features a book jacket, hard cover, color illustrations, glossary, timeline of events and an index.  Hold the Fort meets state standards for third and fourth grades, making it a wonderful supplement to the elementary curriculum.

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          If It's to Be It's Up to Me - The ABC’s of Character Building

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     If It’s to Be, It’s Up to Me targets children in their formative years.  As we all know, growing up can be a real challenge.  Most of us have a strong desire to “fit in” and to be accepted by our peers.  This often has an affect on the choices and decisions we make throughout our lives.

     The text is uniquely written in verse and challenges the reader to ponder and discuss topics such as bullying, name calling and being the class clown.  On the other hand, it points out the importance of having a good attitude, accepting responsibility and respecting others.

     Don’t be fooled by the fact that it is an ABC book.  If It’s to Be, It’s Up to Me is written for children ages eight and up!  However, it may be shared with children much younger.  The eye-catching book jacket stirs the reader’s imagination.  Once the book is open there is no limit to the discussions that will take place!
     This character building book will be extremely helpful in the school.  Teachers, librarians, and counselors will find that If It’s to Be, It’s Up to Me will provide many teaching opportunities.

     Sally thoroughly enjoyed writing and illustrating this book and has included family members and friends (critters, too) in her art work.  Can you recognize any of them?

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