Here are some of Sally's upcoming events:

April 20th - Book signing from 1:00-4:00 pm at Cottage on the River, Grand Rapids, Ohio.

It is their Spring Fling... Fun for the entire family!

May 11th - Lilac Festival/Ark Preschool Vendor Fair. St. Paul's United Methodist Church, Downtown Defiance, OH.

I will be in Fellowship Hall from 11:00-3:00 pm. There will be many booths set up downtown with activities for the entire family!

May 28th - All day author visit with Kae Elementary School, Whitehall, Oh.

June 7th - Artrageous on Main in Van Wert, Oh

I will have a booth on Friday from 12:00- 9:00 pm. This juried art festival coincides with the annual Peony Festival.

Author Visits

 Author visits provide a wonderful opportunity to meet dedicated administrators, teachers and staff.  These visits also allow Sally a chance to share her books with children of all ages while hopefully inspiring them to be the best they can be.

Sally Snyder is available for author visits, book signings and group presentations.


Hold the Fort …nonfiction

I. General Anthony Wayne
 President George Washington was looking for a leader who could train the American Army and open Ohio to white settlement.  After studying a long list, he chose General Wayne.  Find out what made him an outstanding general.

II. Children Kidnapped by Native Americans (late 1700’s)
 Oliver Spencer, Johnny Brickell and Frances Slocum were all kidnapped by Native Americans.  While each story is unique, all of them learned a great respect for the Native American way of life.

If It’s to Be, It’s Up to Me, the ABC’s of Character Building…fiction

 Even though Sally is retired from education, she frequently speaks with teachers.  Most of them feel that an increasing number of children lack respect and a sense of responsibility.  This makes teaching extremely challenging.  Her second book addresses situations such as bullying, name-calling and obstreperous behavior.  It stresses the importance of having a good attitude, respecting others and accepting responsibility.

III. Living a happy and productive life is up to us however there are people along the way that definitely have an impact on our lives.  Sally will share a few of her own personal experiences and talk about the “heroes” that served as role models in her life.

IV. The Writing Process… Using her books, Sally takes the students through the writing process from brainstorming for a topic to publication.  It is her goal to reinforce what is being taught in the classroom.

Sally is available from September through February and April through June.  She prefers a 45 to 50 minute presentation including time for questions and answers.  It is helpful to have 10 to 15 minutes between presentations.  Small groups work best.  Grouping children close in age is also very helpful.


The fee is $500.00 per day.  An evening session is an additional $150.00.  If it is required for her to come the night before, the school is responsible for the motel fee.  There is also a fee of .50 per mile.


Order forms should be sent home well in advance to the author visit.  Lunch break is a good time for the book signing.  Sally will bring the books with her. 


Please have a table and computer set-up for power point available.

Helpful Tips for Scheduling an Author Visit

Initial contact may be done through email, however always make final arrangements by phone.  Please be specific concerning the topic you would like the author to focus on.

Please make sure the students and teachers are familiar with the author’s books.  This may be done by asking the students to read some of the books or having the teachers read them to their students.

Find out in advance what the author needs for the presentation.  If the location is in a large auditorium you will need to provide a microphone.  Lapel mikes work very well.  The principal, librarian or teacher will need to introduce the author.  Setting the stage is very important.

It is extremely helpful to have the students wear nametags.  The lettering needs to be bold enough to be viewed by the author.

For book signings, it works smoothly if a list is sent to the author in advance. The list needs to include exactly to whom the book is to be made out to and the name of the person making the purchase. If there are additional purchases the day of the author visit, it is not so overwhelming.

Do everything you can do to make the visit a special day for the students.  You can be assured that the author will do the same.

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