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Below are some good teaching and creativity related links. Also on this page is a list of ways to encourge your child to read.







Ways to Encourage Your Child to Read

  • Reward your child with a book rather than candy.

  • Begin visits to the library when your child is young.

  • Read to your child before bedtime.  It is a wonderful bonding time and allows your child to relax.

  • Have a “family story time” each evening.  Choose chapter books and take turns reading paragraphs or chapters.

  • Ask your child to retell the events from a book he or she has read.  (They love to have parents show an interest.)

  • Have your child write a letter to his or her favorite character from a book he or she has read or you have read together.

  • Have your child draw and color a picture of that character.

  • Children love to illustrate their favorite part of a story.  Have them write a sentence or two about the picture.

  • Design a bookmark.

  • Meet the author whenever possible.

  • Choose a scene from the book and design a diorama or pop-up picture.

  • Find out what your child is learning about in Science and Social Studies and together check out books on those topics.

  • Have your child make up a short skit using part of a story.